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What is a dental prosthesis?

A Dental Prosthesis is the replacement of one or more dental pieces by an artificial element, Dental Prostheses are the so-called dentures. Many people use them out of necessity and others for aesthetics. Dental Prostheses are made of different materials and not all are the same. Below we will list the most common ones.

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Types of Dental Prosthesis

Fixed Dental Prosthesis:

Dental Prostheses are a good alternative to recover a beautiful and perfect smile. Fixed dental prostheses replace the loss of one or more missing teeth.

Removable dental prosthesis

Removable dental prostheses are called dentures, these are placed on the gums. Normally teeth can fall out for various reasons: caries not treated in time, a strong blow or the appearance of periodontal diseases.

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Fixed Dental Prosthesis:

Dental Prostheses are the best solution to recover a beautiful and perfect smile, many people associate a Dental Prosthesis with a denture, but it is not quite like that. Fixed dental prostheses can be to cover the gap of one or more dental pieces.

Types of fixed dental prostheses

Within the fixed prostheses there are two types that are clearly distinguished, the crowns and the dental bridge:

● Crowns:

Crowns are very common today, they are called “covers”. These caps strengthen a dental piece. To make these covers, we made them in a laboratory, taking previous x-rays of the patient. The patient's tooth is carved and placed on it, a provisional crown is usually left and after a few days the final crown is put on. At our Odonto Stetic Dental Clinic we try to make each patient have the most perfect smile possible by making the crown fit snugly on the patient's teeth.

Normally crowns are placed when there has been a partial or total breakage of the tooth, or because a tooth has one or more defects.

Crowns are made of various materials, the most common being porcelain or ceramic sheaths, this material is very resistant and gives a very natural appearance to the tooth, both in shape and color.

Also in our clinic we use resin dental crowns, even though we give them provisional use, since they are not usually very resistant. When we have to elaborate and manufacture a crown we have to do it laboriously and perfectly in our laboratory, for this reason it takes several days to manufacture, and in these cases resin crowns are the best option, as a provisional alternative.

Zircon Crown

Zirconium crowns have the difference with crowns in the material, being made of zirconium allows the denture to be much more natural, as well as being lighter and adapting to the gum better, avoiding possible inflammation. One of the great advantages of zirconium crowns is that when drinking cold or very hot drinks we will not feel any kind of unpleasant sensation.

● Dental bridge:

The dental bridge is in high demand by people who are missing several teeth, or have their original but deteriorated teeth. It is made up of a set of crowns whose function is to cover an absent hole.

Before placing and preparing the bridge, it is necessary to carry out several x-rays where we will know what the mouth of each patient is like. Then a mold is made with a silicone to be able to manufacture the bridge.

A drawback of the dental bridge is that it requires the carving of the teeth, this is essential since they have to be placed on the teeth and the natural tooth needs to adhere to the bridge, which requires space. For this reason it must be carved.

To place the bridge you will have to go to the clinic another day, not everything will be done in the same session, since to make the bridge we need to manufacture it in the laboratory by the person in charge, who is the dental technician. We will proceed to place a provisional bridge, which will take a few days, this being very resistant so we can eat and chew well.

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Removable Prostheses:

The removable dental prostheses are the so-called dentures, these are placed on the already fallen teeth. Normally the teeth can fall for various reasons, one of them is due to having a cavity that has not been treated, another reason is due to a strong blow and the last reason is due to the appearance of periodontal diseases.

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I can only thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, close and honest treatment coupled with great professionalism. The price is neither expensive nor cheap, neither is it a bargain nor is it impossible, a visit is highly recommended.

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Frequent questions Prosthesis

Yes, today, there are high quality materials that allow us to rehabilitate missing teeth accurately.

Dental prostheses require extra attention to hygiene. Depending on whether they are fixed or removable, they will be cleaned differently.

They are generally performed two visits: the first to carve the tooth on which the crown will go, and take measurements and color. On this first visit, the patient will leave with a temporary crown. The second will be to test the structure on the tooth and to cement the crown on the tooth.

To maintain a prosthesis, as with your natural teeth, you must maintain good oral hygiene and visit our Dental Clinic every 6 months to check the status of your oral health and prevent any type of disease.

They are the so-called "false teeth", "removable". They can be partial and replace only missing teeth, or complete and replace all teeth in the mouth. In both cases, these prostheses require a period of adaptation in the patient and the need to remove them daily to perform proper hygiene both in the mouth and in the prostheses themselves.

Each case requires a detailed study. We will tell you which is the best option depending on your situation.


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