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Odonto Stetic Dental Clinic

Oral Surgery

What does Oral Surgery consist of?

This area of Dentistry is in charge of diagnosing and treating and preventing some of the oral, facial and cervical pathologies through surgical techniques.

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Odonto Stetic Dental Clinic

We are SPECIALISTS in Oral Surgery

Our specialties

We offer modern and current Oral Surgery

Types of Exodoncias:

● Simple extraction:

These extractions are very simple, always performed under local anesthesia.

● Extraction of roots:

Root extractions are performed only when the crown of the tooth is damaged, depending on where the crown is located, an incision will be made or not, which will later end with some points.

● Extraction of teeth included:

This type of extraction is the most common, since it is usually performed on dental pieces that have not yet come out, such as wisdom teeth.

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Care to take for a Tooth Extraction:

In our clinic, before performing an extraction, we will give you some tips that you must take to avoid possible infections. It is advisable for smokers that days before they reduce this habit as much as possible, so they will have a cleaner mouth free of harmful substances on the day of extraction, reducing the risk of infection.

It is also advisable to decrease alcohol consumption, this will also avoid complications.

After an extraction, it is advisable to follow a bland diet, not eating very consistent or very hot meals. We also do not recommend eating very small pieces of food as small pieces of food can be trapped in the handled area.

Rinsing the first few days is essential to avoid infections.

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Dental extractions

Dental extractions or so-called tooth extractions are performed in all cases with prior local anesthesia, so it is not painful. The most common extractions are usually the third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth.

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Our Clients Say

I can only thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, close and honest treatment coupled with great professionalism. The price is neither expensive nor cheap, neither is it a bargain nor is it impossible, a visit is highly recommended.

Andrés Villalba



Frequent questions Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, being the last to come out, sometimes find themselves with insufficient space. In these cases they can come out only partially, leaving part of the gum above, which causes a bag to be formed in which food can be put and, by not allowing a good cleaning of the area, it ends up becoming infected; Or they may also not come out, pushing the molars that are next to them, causing malposition, caries or even fracture of the same.

Dentofacial deformities are affections that affect facial harmony. The most frequent types of deformities are: maxillary deficiency, mandibular deficiency, mandibular excess, open bite and facial asymmetry.

The removal of labial braces or lingual frenulum is carried out when there is a lack of mobility of the tongue, alterations in language and speech, or when they produce alterations in the position of the teeth.

The surgery is very simple, lasts only 20 minutes and is performed with local anesthesia.

The answer is yes. Although there is no bone, it can be regenerated, which will allow us to place the implant.

When there is a lack of space in the jaw for a correct eruption.

When they have an abnormal orientation that can cause damage to neighboring parts or crowding of teeth.

When they cause inflammation problems in the gum it can lead to chronic infection.

In most cases dental cysts are usually the consequence of a latent infection of the tooth and the bone in which it is implanted.

As the cysts grow, they destroy the adjacent bone and form large cavities inside the maxilla or the mandible. They can also become infected, and therefore must be removed surgically, using local anesthesia.


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The team of professionals in our practice makes continuous training the basic pillar of your clinical care. The high-level postgraduate training accredited by all our professionals, and their coordinated teamwork, allow a multidisciplinary approach to our patients' cases.

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