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Use and Care of Invisalign® Aligners

The so-called invisible orthodontics has been a tremendous revolution. It has managed to change the paradigm of one of the most common treatments in this field. As something new and unknown, sometimes mistakes can be made. Next, we are going to tell you about some of the most common mistakes with Invisalign that we have to avoid.

As you surely know, Invisalign transparent aligners have become one of the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatments today, both by old and young. Its main advantage is that it allows you to obtain fully aligned teeth efficiently, quickly and, above all, without the rest of the people noticing. It avoids having to show and display braces, an aspect that affected not a few patients. That qualm disappears with this new kind of orthodontics.

But to maintain the "invisibility" of the aligners, it is necessary to avoid mistakes and behaviors that could put this highly valued quality at risk. We are going to bring you five mistakes with Invisalign that you have to avoid by all means:

The care and cleaning of the splints is essential for their perfect condition. Some patients, in their eagerness to enjoy aligners in perfect condition, come to boil them for a total disinfection. This is a failure that can spoil them. There are methods and products indicated for cleaning. Ask your specialist.

Summer is a different time, right? Our routine changes, we have more hours of leisure ... All this can cause us to neglect our orthodontics. Food can affect splints, especially ice cream. You have to know that they are not prohibited, especially those made of ice, but we will have to avoid those that could stain them too much.

Another small recommendation for your trips. Your Invisalign should always go with you on the plane. Do not invoice the aligners or the case, since, in case of loss of suitcase, we will run out of them the time it takes to return it to us.

The way to remove them is the fourth of the errors with Invisalign that we have to avoid. The aligners are not removed like a zipper starting from one side and ending on the other. The correct way will be to take them from the inside of the mouth at each end and gently remove it.

To finish this post on the main mistakes we make with Invisalign, another eating tip. Be careful with those foods that contain colorants (natural or artificial) because they will dye our aligners and they will be perfectly perceptible to other people. As well as coffee or tobacco.

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